What Makes Us, Us

Freshest Meat Selection

Hams, tenderloins, and pork butts, hand-trimmed then ground – it all starts with the freshest meat.

Perfect Seasoning

We use a family recipe written down on a scrap piece of paper that has been handed down over generations, remaining a closely guarded secret. We use only the finest spices, in the perfect balance to bring you the best Soupie ™ that you’ve ever tasted.

What is A Soupie

For eight to ten weeks the Soupie ™ hang in a temperature and humidity controlled room until they’re dried out just enough to be firm but not rock hard. When they’ve reached their peak consistency, they’re taken down and vacuum sealed with just a touch of oil in the packaging to keep everything fresh until you’re ready to eat it. Open the packaging, cut off the casing, slice a few pieces and enjoy.